Welcome to Unity Village!

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You can also support Unity through purchase of their beadwork on Etsy.  Search for “SupportSamburu” on Etsy or click here to go to the site.

Join us beneath the shade of an acacia tree or for a cup of tea in a traditional hut to learn the story of Unity Village, how we support the education of our children, and try making beaded jewelry with us.

Women in Samburu face many challenges, such as spousal abuse, female genital mutilation and forced marriage. These issues are very real to many women in our region of northern Kenya, despite growing awareness by the rest of the world about the inequities and violations of rights of such issues.

Unity Village was created as a place for women to live safe and independent lives where they can teach their children and the surrounding villages that women deserve to be treated with respect and equity.

Located in Archer’s Post in a rural region of Nnorthern Kenya, the women of Unity Village are part of the Samburu tribe. Traditionally, the Samburu people are pastoralists that live by raising cattle, sheep, camels and goats. Traditionally, men typically herd the animals while the women are in charge of the children, cooking, building houses, gathering fire wood and water and everything else to keep the manyattas, or villages, running smoothly. At Unity, we do it all, as a group of about 20 women and our children.

The women of Unity Village invite you to explore our website and learn about us, our goals, and visions. We hope this provides a window into our lives and encourage you to learn more online or in person in Unity!