Our Story

Our Story

Unity Village began in 2011 as a refuge for women looking to start new, independent lives with their children free from oppression, abuse and other inequities. Creating a safe place to raise families while working cooperatively to meet our basic needs and help educate children were primary motivations for establishing Unity Village.  The following stories help illustrate some of our community members.



Anna is described by friends and visitors as “one of the happiest and most generous people on the planet”. No matter the situation, Anna always seems to find a reason to laugh and share her joy with the people around her. Anna has four children: Sharon, Tikas, Becky, and baby Aldina. She values education strongly, and therefore she works hard to support her children’s enrollment in primary school.



Gladys is as sweet as she is strong.  Although she is among the youngest women in Unity she embraces her role as a caretaker, including for her mother who has chronic illness. Gladys has three little boys, Andrew, David and Bo (seen in picture), and is determined to ensure that each of them receive an education.


Serafina is a bright young girl with a soft-spoken presence and a big heart. She is a student in the local primary school in Class 8, and is also a participant  in the Samburu Girls’ Conservation Club where she enjoys learning about the plants and animals in her community, and how they are affected by people. When asked about her future, Serafina says she wants to  be a doctor for her community in Samburu.



Elizabeth is an outgoing and confident young women currently in form 3. She has five brothers and sisters and is always looking for ways to help out in her community. In her free time she enjoys playing football (soccer) and socializing with her peers. Elizabeth aspires to give back to be a leader in her community and hopes to some day be a teacher for the hearing impaired.



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